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Nowadays it is being recognized by scientists/researchers that the traditional diet of the cretan people gathers all the characteristics that make it the healthiest diet.

The conclusion that the Cretan Diet was a special case was first documented by the study regarding the financial and social life in Crete, conducted by the American Rockfeller Institution (1948). This study mentions among others that: "Olives and olive oil are an integral part of Cretan diet. Foreigners generally have the impression that Cretan food is drenched in olive oil. This product is used in abundance either when cooking food or raw in salads, and soups. The olive oil consumption recorded in Crete is undoubtedly higher in comparison to other Greek/Mediterranean regions".

The next very important and scientifically documented large-scale research was called "the Seven Countries Study" organised by the famous Cardiologist, Prof. Ancel Keys, from Minnesota, during the '50s and '60s, where 7 countries participated: Greece (Crete and Corfu), Yugoslavia( (Dalmatian coast), Italy, Holland, Finland, U.S.A. and Japan. The study investigated the relation between the dietary habits predominant in these regions to diseases such as cancer and heart diseases and proved that Crete, the residents of which consumed plenty of olive oil, manifested the highest levels of health and wellbeing. Many researches that followed confirmed that the high amount of olive oil used by Cretans in their daily diet is the factor that gives the advantage in the Cretan Diet.

It has been documented that a diet containing virgin olive oil diminishes the risk for cardiovascular diseases and cancer (such as breast, pancreas, stomach, larynx, bladder and prostate cancer). It has also a positive impact on blood pressure, Diabetes, the Growth of Children, anti-Aging and Longevity, even on the Alzheimer Disease.

Olive oil is superior to other oils (like seed oil) when frying or cooking, because it is resilient to high temperature (when other oils form free radicals with serious consequences to human health) and because it makes food more nourishing and aromatic.

Taverna "Leventis", recognizing the significance of the Cretan Diet, participates in the Cluster of Cretan Olive Oil Products Enterprises ("Elaiogefsies", restaurants with exclusive use of cretan virgin olive oil), using only exra virgin olive oil produced by the owners of the taverna. Additionally, "Leventis" insists on using local traditional ingredients in the preparation of aromatic and delicious recipes, as taught from our ancestors.

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