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Our holidays' chefs - Antzela Stamatiadou, athinorama.gr 18/6/2009

"Antzela Stamatiadou presents the best restaurants at the top summer destinations, which –because of their cousine's performance– are this year a destination of their own. Get ready to dive – and in the plate! "...
"Thaditional cretan cousine, in a taverna built of stone, with casserole foods at their best, familiar and disarming. What will you try? Clasic staka and stamnaghathi salad, the excellent octopus with avronies (wild greens), askordoulakous, sygklino, marathopites, sausages and of courses apaki; everything totally justifies the Greek Cousine's Prize that the taverna won during the Golden Chef's Huts 2009."
http://www.athinorama.gr/travel/articles/default.aspx?id=6990 (in Greek only)

Chania: the Venetian remains meet the sunset - Zefi Klironomou, Eleftheros Tipos 24/05/2007

"Good eaters and demanding, people in Chania have raise the expectations for cretan gastronomy, so leave your diet aside and chase the dishes of Chania's cousine in order to get familiar with what Crete means."...
"However, the place where you will really see the apotheosis of traditional cretan flavours is in the village Ano Stalos (7 km outside Chania), at the taverna "Leventis", trying avronies (wild greens), omathia and stamnaghathi in traditional recipes of Crete."

Hunting off-season treasures - Paul Mansfield, www.dailymail.co.uk, March 2007

"At "Leventis" taverna at Pano Stalos, for example, the menu is largely comfort food, including spare ribs, kalitsounia pasties and greens, washed down with glasses of Kissamos red wine."

Crete: Hidden from the hordes - Paul Mansfield, www.telegraph.co.uk Μάρτιος 2002

"A simple wooden terrace looked out over the valley; the smell of wild thyme came off the hillside, and - on our last night - a creamy new moon came up over the hills.
"Wait," said the waiter when it first appeared. "It will get even better." It did. The waiter then plonked himself down at our table to discuss the menu before we ordered - a lengthy process, especially when extended to each table, but worth it. His recommendations, I noticed, were not the most expensive dishes, but the freshest ones. Kalitsounia pastry parcels stuffed with onions or cheese; Apaki smoked pork; fried snails with vinegar; rabbit in lemon sauce. O Leventis's home-made wine was rich, white and fruity.
We gorged ourselves, forgetting the nightly ritual that accompanied paying the bill. With it came yet more food - sticky pastries, and a small flask of raki to wash them down. Just the thing to set you up for a stroll back up the hill, amid the whispered greetings, the warm night air, the sparkling stars, and the heavy smell of jasmine."


" One of the best tavernas in western Crete. The chef has been featured in the best gastronomy TV program of Greece (Mamalakis). You can order special dishes in advance (like the "wedding pilaf", made with goat's meat, or the velvety onion pies). Divinity factor: Local goats yellow cheese (graviera) with honey. "

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