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Taverna "Leventis" has participated in many tributes, advocating the cretan cousine and the Cretan Diet. Among others, "Leventis" was presented in articles or shows in the Media in England, in Ucraine, in the Netherlands, in the USA and of course in Greece! Watch some snapshots from trinutes below.

Article by the english chef Katie Bishop about the Cretan Diet, 2010

Mrs. Eftichia explains to the english chef the secrets of the cretan cousine and the role of olive oil in the cretan dishes.
"Here, still just in view of the sea, I found Taverna Leventis. Run by Eftihia and her family, the unlikely looking facade hides a stunning terrace overlooking the olive groves at the back. Eftihia (a name that rather gorgeously translates as ‘happiness’) kindly welcomed me into her kitchen to talk about Cretan food and cook one of her favourite dishes.
I asked Eftihia about the recipe she was making, one that her mother had taught her, and her mother before that. I’d heard more than once that the Cretan diet was considered by some as exemplary, and wondered how a pie could be part of such a perfect diet, but if it was I wanted to know where I could sign up!
Like many Cretans, Eftihia and her family grow most of their own produce. It’s organic, not to be fashionable, but because that’s how they have always done it. The island’s nutrient-rich soil also produces a wealth of wild foods, particularly the various edible greens that you see on all taverna menus – such as spiny chicory (a relative of the dandelion); purslane; and abundant herbs such as rosemary and thyme. As with many fresh ingredients the world over, those grown near the sea, have a unique salty flavour that is quite wonderful. Eftihia’s home-grown produce is no exception and her cooking tastes fantastic as a result."

Mr. Eftichia makes kalitsounia (pies with spinach, wild greens and local cheese). Watch how:

Step 1: Kneading and making the filling.
Step 2: Rolling the dough .
Step 3: Making the parcels.

Read the whole article here.

TV show "Boukia & Sygxorio", chef Elias Mamalakis 2006

The TV show "Boukia & Sygxorio" and chef Elias Mamalakis travel to Chania! In the show Mrs. Eftichia makes onion pies (kalitsounia) and fennel pies (marathopites), filling the space with her houmor and her liveliness!

Watch the show (in Greek):

You can watch the video here, too.

"The secrets of the kitchen of mother Eftichia", Tribute, Seasons magazine, March-April 2001, the Nederlands

"We became hungry in the market and settled in a restaurant. "Elate, Elate, come on in!" welcomes us loudly Panagiotis, from the owners' family.[...] We can descend to the field of the family, the kitchen, where the whole family is gathered. As the camera clicks, mather Eftichia gives up proudly its kitchen mysteries.
How she binds revithosoupa with onion or which spicies and herbs she uses fir her gemista, while she walks around the kitchen, here and there, tasting, seasoning her foods.
Her 2 sons know from cooking as well. The younger, Panagiotis, takes care of the fish, seasoning them with plenty olive oil, oregano and lemon juice. Later, when they are almost ready, he adds chopped onion and parsley. The oldest son Giorgos is in the meantime busy with the tsigariasto, lamp which is slowly cooked for many hours with red wine and onion.
The kitchen gets filled with the delicious aroma of the grill, the oven and the casserole, making our mouths to water. What is that really here in Crete, have we already digested the breakfast, or are we hungry again at the view of all that local lusciousness? [...]"

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