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Basic Ingredients ...

Taverna "Leventis", recognizing the significance of the Cretan Diet, insists on using local traditional ingredients of high quality for the preparation of aromatic and tasteful recipes, like we were taught from our ancestors.

Olive Oil:

Taverna "Leventis" participates in the Cluster of Cretan Olive Oil Products Enterprises ("Elaiogefsies", restaurants with exclusive use of cretan virgin olive oil), using only exra virgin olive oil produced by the owners of the taverna. The olive oil is extra virgin and it is produced every year in automn from olive trees owned by the Chatzimanolakis family. The produced olive oil is free from any chemical procedure, maintaining that way all its precious vitamins and aroma.


Taverna "Leventis" serves (along with a variety of labeled bottled wines of high quality from greek companies) red and white wine produced by the owners. Giorgos and Panagiotis Chatzimanolakis, having a solid knowledge on the art of making wine (as learnt by their family, and from personal research as well), produce every year wine which is kept in the owners' cellar for some years until it releases its flavour and aroma. The wine is produced using grapes from local farmers (mainly from Chania/Heraklio) and does not contain any chemical colour substances or preservatives.

Raki (or Tsikoudia):

The raki which is served in taverna "Leventis" is produced every year from the owners using the special traditional alembic ("kazani/apostaktirio") located near the taverna, according to the traditional cretan recipe. It is a beloved drink of both cretan and visitors, who appreciate its strong unique taste. Raki is served cold in the taverna without charge after your meal, it helps the process of digestion and causes ... temperature rise!


A special drink in Crete, produced by the owners of the taverna from raki, cretan thyme honey and spicies. One can drink it hot or cold and its sweet but strong flavour makes it a beloved drink of everyone.

The abovementioned products are also for sale, for those who wish to take the taste of Crete back at home!

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Taverna "Leventis"

Ano Stalos, Chania, Crete, Greece

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